Every organization has to comply with various statutory as well as internal compliance while performing their business related activities.

Roughly 500+ compliance under various acts, regulations, and policies that the company has to adhere to.
Internal compliances, either due to certain certifications, like ISO, CMM, etc. or due to internal policies and management reporting system at department level need to be timely prepare and submit.
These Acts and Regulations specify multiple tasks to be performed by the organization at department level.

Even a minor violation and unintentional delay in complying with these statutory requirements not only result in levy of damage and penalties but also prosecutions at senior executives levels.
Each area of operation has multiple Acts and Regulations to comply to like filing of returns, payments etc.
Responsibility of compliance cut across Multiple people / department as there are multiple Acts and Regulations applicable on any organization.
For business spanning to multiple companies and locations, requirement of compliance increases exponentially.