UNO FM would help to automate and integrate financial processes like Billing, Planning and Budgeting, Cash Management, Expenses, Payables, Receivables, Financial Analytics, Purchasing, and Risk Management.
Planning and Budgeting
This module Financial Planning and Budgeting will help you to support your business plans and  operational budget. This module offer you an unparalleled solution for monitoring, implementing, and adjusting financial goals and achieving these goals by implementing to all levels of the organization in real time. You can closely watch budgets v/s actual performance at any level whether it is department wise, branches wise, product groups etc.
BigBiz Billing system allows you to calculate, customize and submit invoices in multiple currencies. You can Manage billing cycles and create a smooth billing system. Our Billing system is a integrated solution which come with UNO ERP to  integrate with Order management, CRM and Accounts Receivables and Payable to give you complete integration you need. it automates the entire sell, purchase cycle ensuring that your organization has best practices in place at each stage.
Cash Managemen
BigBiz Cash Management help you to monitor and forecast Cash Flow, perform bank reconciliations, distribution of payments, and auto generate accounting entries. It will handle all payment and receipts with a facility to integrate with banks and customers and suppliers.
UNO Expenses management will help you analyze and monitor your expenses at cost- centre and sub-cost centre level. You will be able to see and monitor the cost of each individual transaction.
Account  Payable
This module helps you to manage all your payments with a great control and integration with matching PO, approvals and payments.
Accounts Receivables
BigBiz Accounts Receivable will help you  to manage efficiently your receivable process. So you can ensure your working capital is effectively used. It will give you real time update and alerts to accelerate collections, limit credit risk, enforce controls and business policy to reduce cost of working capital and improving your profitability.
BigBiz Purchasing solution will help you to effectively manage purchase orders processing with policy enforcement and control. Integrated with business rules to implement policy to ensures that transactions are compliant and enables with all suppliers. BigBiz automates entire Procurement cycle from supplier on boarding to  pay cycle just to ensure that best practices are available and to be followed by your organization at each stage.